Sunday, September 5, 2010

Tortilla-Fried Egg Breakfast Something

I really have no idea what to call this.  Quite possibly it already has a name somewhere, as I am reasonably sure someone somewhere must have wanted a fried egg sandwich for breakfast before, but not had any bread in the house.

You will need:
A frying pan of some sort
A spatula
A plate
Butter (for frying, so feel free to use whatever you would normally use to fry an egg)
2 Eggs per "sandwich"
1 Tortilla per "sandwich"
Chili Powder
Hot Sauce
Some cheese
Some salsa
Some sour cream

Firstly, you'll want your pan on medium heat or just barely higher than medium.  Add your butter/margarine, perhaps a little more than you would normally use.  While your butter is melting, add several dashes of hot sauce, a sprinkle each of chili powder, cumin and whatever else you take a fancy to.  A little garlic would've been nice, now that I think of it...some cilantro would also compliment the flavors.

Add your eggs and commence to cookin'.  Over easy is the way you'll want these eggs, with the white completely cooked but the yellows still runny.
I added more hot sauce, cumin and chili powder on top of the eggs after I dropped them in the pan.  Flip your eggs just as they start to bubble.

As soon as your eggs are done, slip them onto a plate, then drop your tortilla into your still hot and only a little greasy pan.  I used flour tortillas because that's what I had (and personally I think they fold better).  Let the tortilla cook a few seconds on one side, watch for poofiness, then flip.  As SOON as you flip it, sprinkle one half with cheese, put your cooked eggs back in on top of the cheese, sprinkle more cheese, the "close" it up.  CAREFULLY flip it one more time so the cheese is all melty on both sides.

Slip your Breakfast Something back onto the plate. Top with a few tablespoons of salsa and sour cream. ENJOY!  This is one of my new favorite breakfast foods, I'd love to hear any other suggestions :)