Saturday, June 19, 2010

Scrambled Pizza

Tired of the same-old, same-old?  Want to try something a little different, even though all you have is the same old ingredients?  Breakfast Pizza to the rescue!  I'm a huge fan of breakfast, no matter what time of day.  So this is a dish you could have for breakfast, as a brunch, or even for supper!  It's also a pretty easy dish, and one that even younger kids could act as your sous chef.

You will need:

1 pre-made pizza crust
about ½ cup of Alfredo sauce or a white gravy of some kind (red eye, sausage, whatever)
about 1 cup of shredded cheese (or more, to taste, whatever flavor you’ve got)
about 4-5 eggs, scrambled
some bacon or sausage, cooked & chopped or crumbled
some veg (I picked mushroom, but some baby spinach or red bell peppers would go nicely, as well)
herbs and spices of your choosing
a cutting board
a cookie sheet or pizza pan
a frying pan & spatula
oh, and an oven

Firstly, check the directions for the pre-made pizza crust, as those are what you’re going to need to follow for the oven portion of this dish. Could you make your own crust? Sure! But I’m not brave enough, so you’re on your own (though we do expect pictures!).

Pre-heat your oven per the directions on your pre-made crust (mine says to preheat to 400 then turn down to 350 after you put the pizza in, so that’s what I do).

While your oven is heating up you’ll want to prep your bacon, or whatever you’re using. You’ll want it cooked close to crispy, then either chopped or crumbled (depending on how crispy you went with it). If you’re using ham (and who wouldn’t?!?) you’ll probably want to chop it before cooking it, so that you get a nice little brown crispiness to the edges.

When scrambling for more than one, the general rule of thumb that I follow is “two per person and one for the pan”, so I would typically make 5 eggs for 2 people. I’ll add a little crushed garlic, some tarragon, maybe a small pinch of sweet Hungarian paprika. You want your eggs on the stiff side, otherwise the pizza will seem mushy.

Now I left the mushrooms raw, but if you wanted to you could sauté them beforehand . If I were using sweet red bell peppers, I would leave them raw but chop them rather small. For the mushrooms I just sliced them like you would for any other pizza ;)

Okay, so are we all ready? Let’s build us a Scrambled Pizza, then!

Slather on your sauce, then spread your scrambled eggs, bacon and your mushrooms (or whatever veg you opted to use). Add the cheese on top.

Then bake according to the directions for the crust.

and Enjoy!

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